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Anti-Gravity Phone Case

Anti-Gravity Phone Case

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Dump your selfie stick and go hands-free with this Anti-Gravity Phone Case.  Your selfies are about to get some class!

Saves you from any Hussel:

You’re running late for an early meeting at the office with some investors but you still need to perfect your pitch. You need to shave so that you look smart. So you pick up your phone with one hand and try rehearsing your pitch while also trying to wash off the shaving cream with your other hand. And then, as if the morning could not get any worse, your phone falls into the sink and the tap unapologetically baptizes it with water! But not if you have this Anti-Gravity Phone Case from Mega Tiny Corp.

Anti-Gravity Case For IPhone 5 , 5S , 6 , 6S ,7 / Samsung S6 Edge , Note 4  , S7 Edge, S5 , S4 , Note 5 – Shopp Bay

Sticks to any vertical smooth surface:

The Anti-Gravity Phone Case is a revolutionary phone case that sticks to any vertical smooth surface. This is possible because of the nano-suction material that is used to make it. Nano-suction is a technology that uses millions of nano-sized suction cups to securely “glue” objects to flat surfaces. When pressed against a flat surface, millions of suction cups create a large vacuum and as a result, generate enough force to hold heavy objects.

Anti gravity Mobile Case For iPhone 11 Pro XS Max XR Cover Antigravity Nano  Sticky Adsorbed For iPhone 6S Plus 7 8 SE 2020 Cases - AliExpress  Cellphones & Telecommunications

Be Versatile Be Cool:

It effortlessly sticks to windows, mirrors, whiteboards, metals, kitchen cabinets, tiles, car dashboards, and more! With swappable backplates that allow you to be versatile, the Anti-Gravity Phone Case is on a different level of cool. 

Perfect Gift:

This makes it the perfect gift for any millennial at all because they are always learning something off of YouTube or taking endless selfies. DIYers would also find this a very useful gift since they probably have to read instructions from one how-to site or the other while they’re using both hands to do stuff. It’s also great for anyone who works with both their phone and computer simultaneously.

Anti-Gravity Phone Case - Unicun

Best for Youtubers:

YouTubers of all ages would also be stoked to have the Anti-Gravity Phone Case because then, they would not have to worry about holding their phones or selfie sticks while they make their solo videos. It’s cool to have the latest phone around. But what is the latest phone if you still need to use your hands or a selfie stick?

Selendis Anti Gravity Iphone Case

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Customer Reviews

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Hazle Medhurst

The phone case does exactly what it advertises and purports to do. It will stick to a vertical, non-porous surface and even is difficult to remove when first used. After the case surface has been exposed to a dit of dust and dirt it works perfectly. Easy to apply, easy to remove and sticks to a mirror, tile, metal, fridge door, slick painted surface, etc. If wood is slick enough, it’ll even stick to wood. I love it.

Anya Beier

I bought this item. I was so satisfied that I decided to purchase the case for my Phone. Not only is it unique and awesome when you’re with a group of people and you find a window to stick the phone on and take a picture, but the comfort of holding the phone with the case is exceptional. They’ve added side ridges now, it’s an awesome case.

Macie Cassin

I hike, work hard, lift weights. Etc and this thing has took a beating! Finally stripped it off last night to replace and look at all the damage! But not ONE scratch on my main screen! 10/10

Linwood Wolff

I was use this to record my workouts for posting on my IG and it’s sticks great! The surface needs to be flat and pretty clean. You have to keep the protective sheet on the back when you’re not using the sticky side to keep dirt and dust off and extend the life of the adhesive.

Palma Bogisich

Every now and then, I’d wet it with water and let it air dry before putting the film back on and it kept very well and worked for the whole last year. I need a new one since I changed phones.

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