GrandHome Balcony Screen HDPE Patio Deck Garden Privacy Shield Multi Colors/Sizes

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With our HDPE balcony screen, you can enjoy privacy while relaxing or sun bathing on your balcony.


Made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene), the balcony shade is mould and UV proof. The special 'open' fabric structure allows wind to go through, so you can enjoy a fresh breeze on the balcony.


The shield can be easily attached to the balcony with its aluminium eyelets and the included rope.



  • Color: Yellow and white
  • Material: HDPE
  • Size:29.5" x 157.4" / 29.5" x 236.2" / 35.4"x 157.4" / 35.4" x 236.2" (W x L)
  • Wind and water permeable
  • Mould and UV proof, breathable HDPE
  • Aluminium eyelets
  • 39.3' / 78.7' PE rope included
  • Easy to assemble