vidaXL Garden Shed with Sliding Door Steel House Anthracite/Green Multi Sizes

  • $1,000.99
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Our storage shed will be perfect for storing a wide variety of tools, logs and garden equipment.


This storage house are equipped with vents, designed as shutters, which not only keep the rain away but ventilate all the time to reduce the accumulation of moisture and odor in the house. Its double sliding doors in the front allow easy entry and exit. They can be secured together with a padlock (not included) through the pre-drilled holes in the handles. Thanks to corrosion-resistant galvanised steel, the log shed is sturdy and durable, and built to last.


The outdoor storage house needs assembly.



  • Color: Anthracite
  • Material: Galvanized steel
  • Overall dimensions: 129.7" x 51.6" x 70.1" / 129.7" x 80.7" x 70.1" / 129.7" x 102" x 70.1" / 129.7" x 122.8" x 70.1" (W x D x H)
  • Wood storage: 28.5" x 51.6" / 28.5" x 80.7" / 28.5" x 102" / 28.5" x 122.8" (W x D)
  • With 4 ventilation shutters
  • With sliding doors