vidaXL Pool Sand Filter 22 inch Round Blue

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This sand filter is designed to filter and purify the water of your pool using sand as a filter medium. This is a very economical and low-maintenance option to keep your pool water looking pristine.


Made of high-quality and high-density polyethylene, the sand filter is durable. With a diameter of 22", it has a flow rate of 2642 gallon per hour. The maximum working pressure is 50 PSI. To start the operation, 220 pounds of filter sand (not included) are required. The filter is equipped with a multiport valve with 6 positions: filter (for filtering the body of water), backwash (for cleaning the filter medium), rinse (for flushing the filter system), waste (for bypassing the filter bed to waste), recirculate (for bypassing the filter bed to the swimming pool/spa) and closed (for shutting off all water flow to the filter).


This sand filter is suitable for pool pumps of 1.5 HP.

  • Color: Blue
  • Material: PE
  • Dimensions: 22" x 38" (Diam. x H)
  • Connection size: 1 1/2"
  • Filter area: 2.5 sq ft
  • Flow rate: 2642 GPH
  • Maximum working pressure: 50 PSI
  • Filter sand (not included): 220 lbs
  • Multiport valve with 6 positions: Filter, backwash, rinse, waste, recirculate and closed
  • Suitable for connecting a 1.5 HP pump